March 23, 2018

Thank you for your concern about our drought!  We appreciate all the emails and prayers as we struggle with Cape Town’s lack of water.  To update you, we are still on strict water restrictions of 50 liters/person/day, but we have adapted!  This means we turn the taps off while washing hands and showering.  We recycle our dish and shower water into buckets, which we then use to flush the toilets.  We are used to our bucket system, although we hope this is not the new reality, as people are suggesting.  Day-Zero (when taps are turned off) has fortunately been postponed indefinitely, due to reduced usage.  Strict fines have been very effective in reducing usage!  We are still waiting to hear about the proposed desalination project, which would provide drinking water to the city.  Meanwhile, it’s the bucket system!

Pictured above is the soccer team that Isaac, Alberto and Hendrik (the other white man in the photo) are involved with.  The soccer players are from a racially isolated and economically challenged area not far from our house.  They play against other soccer teams, from similar backgrounds.  Isaac is the first boy from outside their community to join them in playing soccer.  The vision is to share the Gospel through relationships made on the field, and to one day start a church in this area.


36 prisoners recently participated in the Restorative Justice program at Pollsmoor Prison.  Through discussions and the power of the Holy Spirit, prisoners’ hearts and ears were softened enough to hear the pain of their victims.  On the last day of the program, the majority of the participants made a public commitment to change their lives.  Alberto led small group discussions during the week-long event, and continues to encourage the guys in their rehabilitation during follow-up meetings.


Although most of my time has been spent in assisting Isaac with his various preparations, I did have the opportunity to speak at a women’s conference last weekend.  Since I was the only speaker, I had the liberty to include Ana!  The theme was “I AM.” Ana and I shared about God’s character and faithfulness to His people.  It was a wonderful time!

The YWAM DTS I was assisting with is over!  Graduation occurred a few weeks ago.  My small group of girls is pictured below.  They have now returned to their homes, scattered among the nations to live a life dedicated to Christ.

Isaiah visited us from Boston!  Isaiah and Isaac have been life-long friends.

Isaac has exciting news!  He received a full-tuition scholarship from Messiah College, PA.  Praise God for this amazing provision!  Thank you for praying.

Before starting college, though, Isaac will do a DTS.  He flies to Bangkok in a few days (March 27) where he will embark on five months of backpacking through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.  Using the nations as their classroom, this DTS will combine lectures with outreach, as students develop God’s heart for cross-continental and cross-cultural missions, especially between Asia and Africa.

Please consider supporting Isaac by making a donation to his gofundme site:

Read more about the school here:

Margaret had a lead role in her school play this week.  Of course, she did an amazing job!  She has also started voice lessons at school, which she is very excited about.  She is less excited about all the drama among her classmates, however.

Ana has decided to return to Cape Town, after working at Deer Run Camp this summer, to staff another DTS.  After that, she will do a School of Biblical Studies, also at our Cape Town base.  I am overjoyed that she has decided to stay in Cape Town, but more importantly, that she has a desire to disciple others and know the Scriptures better!

Phoebe is enjoying school and loves her new aide Plaky.  Plaky has been a big help to Phoebe.  Thank you to the person who offered to help with Plaky’s wages. 

Below is a picture of Phoebe playing with a doll, which is a delight to see, as toys and pretend play are challenges in autism.  

Answered Prayers

The following requests have already been answered:

  • Ana: guidance on Bible school applications
  • Isaac: financial aid and a scholarship from Messiah College
  • Phoebe: a good relationship with Plaky

Ongoing Prayer Requests

  • Alberto: a plentiful harvest in the prisons, clear communication with authorities, and health and unity among the Hope Ministry team
  • Joanna: stamina
  • Ana: a happy 21st birthday on April 9th
  • Isaac: complete provision of finances for his DTS
  • Margaret: good friends at school
  • Phoebe: continued physical and verbal growth 
  • Cape Town: rain
  • Support: more monthly partners to join our team

Financial Opportunity

If you would like to support our work in South Africa through YWAM and Hope Prison Ministry, please make a donation to Park Street Church with our name in the memo. The online giving link is