About us

We were missionaries in Paraguay for four years before returning to Boston four years ago. These past few years have been spent in discerning God’s leading and timing.  We are thrilled that the doors are wide open for us to serve in South Africa.

South Africa is close to Joanna’s heart, since her parents were born there, and she spent much time there growing up.  She committed her life to Christ there as a child, and saw first-hand the power of the Gospel in transforming people’s lives.  Only the power of God could cut through such impossible situations like the racial barriers created by apartheid.

Alberto has a heart for evangelism and is always eager to share the hope of Christ with others.  His life was changed radically after accepting Christ as his savior, and therefore he wants to see young lives transformed with the Gospel and given an everlasting purpose.

Our four children are Ana (16), Isaac (13), Margaret (9), and Phoebe (6).  Ana took some of the pictures you see on this website when she was in South Africa last summer on a short-term mission project.  Phoebe has Down syndrome and autism.  We have completely embraced Down syndrome and autism, and see how they are not “disabilities,” but rather “different abilities.” Phoebe was born while we were serving in Paraguay, and as a result of that, many new ministry doors were opened to us, not to mention a whole new world!  We believe God will continue to use this extra chromosome for His glory as we continue to seek out the special needs community.