July 28, 2015

Praise God for our house!  Thank you to all of you for your prayers and financial support which made this possible.  It is very exciting to finally unpack and start to feel settled.

South Africa is cold!  With temperatures just above freezing at night, and in the 50’s during the day, we are cold most of the time.  There is no heat, but we have a fireplace to huddle around.  Our house also has an indoor barbecue area, which is typical for Afrikaans homes in this area.  Now we can cook over the open fire when we are cold and when the power goes out (which renders our electric stove useless).

Along with working with boys in the community, Alberto has also started visiting a rehab center where men are recovering from their addictions to alcohol/drugs.  These men are very thirsty for answers in their lives, and are very receptive to hearing about God’s unfailing love and forgiveness.  Most of them have never had access to a Bible or stepped foot into a church.

Picture Captions:

Some neighbors came by with this cake! Afrikaans is the preferred language here, so the sooner we learn it the better! (Isaac, Margaret and I just finished our second term of Afrikaans!)

Isaac left for the U.S. for a month of camping at Camp Brookwoods, made possible through a generous scholarship! It was his first time traveling alone internationally.  He is pictured above in Boston.  He is coming back this week!

Cape of Good Hope, at the tip of South Africa, is where Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias first rounded the Cape in 1488, thereby opening trade with the Far East.  Many boats have crashed on the rocky coast and choppy waters.  Included in our picture is Lydia Bruce, who came from Boston to visit Ana!

We had an outdoor service at YWAM, to publicly declare God’s sovereignty over the base.  Dinner was also served. Potjie is a typical meal here, which is a stew cooked over the open fire in large cast-iron pots.

Phoebe’s favorite place is the kitchen. Here she is pictured helping make rice for the community outreach.

Some of the boys Alberto is befriending.

We met up with the Park Street Church short-term mission team, who came to spread God’s Word in the prisons. Andrew and Anne May were the hosts. It was a very cold night, but wonderful to see friends!

Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Praise God for His provision of housing.
  • Praise God for a good school break for the kids.
  • Pray for the boys Alberto is working with, that they can know the hope of Christ, and live lives of hope, despite their destitute circumstances.
  • Pray for the kids as they return to school and continue to adapt to a different style of eduction.
  • Pray for Ana who graduates later this year, and is considering many different options.
  • Pray for a muscle I pulled in my shoulder right before we moved. The timing was very inconvenient.