April 30, 2017

Hello dear friends.  Pictured above are Alberto with 3 guys from the prison.  (One guy is behind the other.)  These 3 men represent 3 different gangs.  It’s a miracle that they are sitting in the same room, never mind listening to the same talk about confessing sin. What a powerful testimony of God’s love!  (I had to add sunglasses to the guys, so you can’t recognize their true identity. Please don’t post or share.)

Alberto’s work consists of not only participating in Restorative Justice conferences, like the one pictured above, but also in daily visits to the younger prisoners (under 18’s) who are awaiting trail.  He and his teammate are persevering in creating an atmosphere of trust with the wounded boys by way of counseling and healing through the blood of Jesus. He also wants to begin visiting relatives of the prisoners, as they are a key component of the restoration process.

On a different note, we have exciting news!  We are coming back to the U.S. for a quick visit from June 18 – July 27.  (Ana, however, will stay in South Africa.)

The motive for our visit is to:

* reconnect with friends, family, and churches 

* share our ministry in more detail

* visit colleges that interest Isaac

* take Phoebe to Children’s Hospital to follow up with the Down syndrome program,  cardiology, and the diabetes center

* give Isaac the chance to work at Sprinkles again

* allow Isaac to prepare for and attend the Colombia youth mission trip with Park Street  Church

* check up on our Quincy house

We’ll be on a tight schedule, we are looking forward to it!  On July 27 Margaret, Phoebe and I return to South Africa, Isaac leaves for the Colombia mission trip, and Alberto leaves for El Salvador to visit his family. We will all be reunited in South Africa a few weeks later. 


Ana celebrated her 20th birthday recently. She finished her DTS (Discipleship Training School) and outreach to Swaziland in February.  She is now planning to help staff the next school, which starts in June.  The format will be the same: 3 months of training and 3 months of outreach, except this time Ana will be on the leadership team. Her training starts in a few weeks.  Stay tuned for possible outreach locations in Africa.


Isaac had an amazing time in Israel with Model United Nations.  He had 2 topics to debate: Regulating Crypto Currencies and Technological Inequalities.  He represented Singapore.  His team had a few days of touring Israel after the conference.


We recently visited a safe house for babies abandoned at birth.  These babies will most likely be adopted, but remain in foster care until arrangements are made. (I can’t show you the sweet faces of the babies.)


Phoebe is enjoying a home-based preschool in our neighborhood.


* A good visit with Jianna from Canada, who recently spent 3 weeks with us.

* The generosity of a someone who paid for one of the airline tickets, and our frequent flyer miles which are covering Alberto’s trip to El Salvador.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for:

* Rain: the drought continues.

* Integrity in the lives of politicians worldwide.

* Healing amongst the prisoners, their families, and their victims.

* Isaac’s 5 upcoming AP exams.

* Isaac and Margaret to finish the school year strong.  

* Phoebe to finish her term well. (Her academic year ends in December.) 

* Ana as she prepares to start training for the upcoming DTS.

* Grace as we plan our visit home.

* Finances to cover all the added expenses.

Financial Opportunity

If you would like to contribute, please make a donation to Park Street Church with our name in the memo. The online giving link is parkstreet.org/give.  


Margaret showing off her new braces, while I celebrate another birthday!


Pictures from home!  Sunday school classes from the Holy Nativity Church recently sent cards and pictures to the kids in a nursery school in Worcester. They also sent the profits of their bake sale.  Thank you HN church!  (I grew up in that church.)