October 23, 2022

Alberto, Isaac, and Margaret are pictured above painting frames to be used at the upcoming Mission conference, which we will be finally able to participate in, in person!  The conference runs from Fri Nov 4- Sun Nov 13.  You can see the schedule here.  We will be doing the following:

  • Concert of Prayer and Praise for the World (Friday)
  • Kids’ Missions Program (first Sunday)
  • Noon Time Prayer session (one of the days)
  • Stories of the Kingdom (one of the evenings)
  • Missionary Panel and Seed Stories meals (second Sunday, all services)

The Missions conference has a special place in our hearts, clearly, as we want people to get excited about mission work here and abroad!  It is also at the missions conference that we met the Blisses 25 years ago, and through that relationship, God watered a seed that had been planted in my heart years earlier to serve in South Africa.

We feel settled in our downtown apartment, and, as of last Wednesday, are finally getting into a routine.  That’s because last Wednesday Phoebe started school!  It’s been a very bumpy start, with this being her third school assignment: Charlestown High School.  She’s currently in a classroom for kids with different medical diagnoses, as opposed to just autism.  The teacher has medical training, and there is a nurse assigned to Phoebe.  I have cell phone numbers for both teacher and nurse, and have been communicating with them throughout the day.  (Hopefully that will die down soon!)  The staff seems very capable, despite the fact that they have yet to hire a 1:1 aide for Phoebe.  (Her last aide did not want to commute to Charlestown.)  They have told me about some great extracurriculars Phoebe is eligible for, but first they need to do a complete evaluation of her to create a Boston Public Schools IEP (Individual Education Plan).  We are definitely on the road less traveled!   The good thing is that this school is a 15-minute bus drive, as opposed to 65-minute drive to Hyde Park.

One of our goals in coming to Boston was to get Phoebe a diabetic pump.  Next Monday is the day!  We have finally mastered the pen, which is the precursor to the pump.  We have had various appointments and video sessions, so we are quite far along the learning curve, but have not actually practiced on the real thing!  Please pray all goes well on Monday!  Her pump is an Omnipod 5, which is a tubeless insulin delivery system just slightly larger than her existing Dexcom sensor, which we will continue to use.

Another goal of mine was to study!  I am currently taking a class on Church History through Gordon Conwell Seminary and Leadership in Urban Ministry through CUME (Campus for Urban Ministerial Education), which is the urban branch of Gordon Conwell.  The church history class is a huge amount of information, but I find it fascinating to watch how the church has interacted with God and fellow people throughout time.  Overall, I am enjoying being a student again: learning, being part of a class, and working towards a degree.

Happy Fall!  One of the things I have missed about Boston is the beautiful change of seasons, particularly the fall.  It is a joy to be here as the colors change, and to go apple picking again!

I have also missed being close to our church brothers and sisters.  It is a blessing to be able to worship with so many of you, and to reconnect over coffee.  Please reach out to us if you want to get together, or if you would like us to share at your small group.

Part of our Missionary Care Team is pictured above.  They pray for us faithfully.  Please let me know if you would like to join our monthly gatherings.

Happy 19th birthday Margaret!  Margaret enjoyed a brief stint of working at Tatte Bakery and Cafe, but is now working at Puttshack in Seaport, where she enjoys the overstimulating environment, and has the opportunity to become a server.

Ana and Frenchie are excitedly planning their Dec 17 wedding in Kona, Hawaii, where they are both missionaries with YWAM.

We loved going to the All-Church Camp late August, although it seems like a distant memory at this time!  Our last Family Camp was in 2014, so they have definitely changed over the years.  We enjoyed connecting with old friends, and meeting new friends!

Happy 23rd birthday Isaac!  Isaac moved in with us at the end of August, much to my joy!  Having him with us is an extra blessing from God, which has redeemed all the pandemic time that we spent apart!  Isaac is in the process of applying for a job in the IT field.

We recently attended Isaac’s weight-lifting meet, and saw a culture I knew virtually nothing about!  He did great!

Naomi recently came to visit us from Switzerland.  As you may remember, we stopped off in Switzerland to visit Daniela Roth Nater on our way back from South Africa.  Naomi and Margaret have a special bond, as they have been friends since birth!

Prayer Requests

  • Park Street’s annual mission conference: to educate, challenge, and excite people about their role in the Great Commission
  • YWAM’s 30th anniversary celebration in Cape Town this week: that through their ministries, many more people will proclaim the name of Jesus
  • Phoebe: to adjust well to the pump and to her new school, and to get a good 1:1 aid
  • Ana and Frenchie’s wedding plans: for peace in the stress of organizing
  • Margaret’s gap year: to be spiritually, socially, and financially beneficial
  • Isaac’s job search: to be guided by God