Feb 13, 2023

Our most exciting news is that Ana and Frenchie were married on December 17 in Hawaii!  It was a beautiful wedding full of personal touches and God’s presence.  The venue was YWAM’s King’s Mansion in the hills overlooking the ocean.  We met Ana’s new community of YWAM friends and were reunited with many of her old friends who had traveled half-way around the world!  Pictured above you will see that Margaret was the maid of honor, and Isaac was a groomsman.  It was a very emotional day for all of us.  I had my share of tears of joy for Ana’s new life with Frenchie, but also sadness in realizing a chapter of her life has ended and my role in her life has now shifted.  All good, but still an important realization!

As I mentioned before, Ana and Frenchie are staff missionaries with YWAM in Kona.  Frenchie oversees the Messenger’s Track (the evangelism elective within the Fire and Fragrance Discipleship Training School), travels extensively to speak on evangelism at other bases, and works with the local Micronesian community to run a youth group among the Kosraean people.  He and Ana are actually taking a Messengers team to Mexico tomorrow to do street evangelism at Carnival in Mazatlán, the biggest carnival in Mexico.  Please pray for the people they speak to, that they will have ears to hear the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alberto is having his share of adventures as well.  He is currently in El Salvador visiting his parents, sisters, and extended relatives.  Since his father turns 90 this year, it is important for Alberto to spend a significant amount of time there.  Isaac, Margaret, Phoebe and I will fly down later this month.  This will be Phoebe’s first time meeting her relatives in El Salvador.  I had been concerned about accessible medical care in the past, but now Phoebe’s diabetes is a bit easier to manage, and her diet is a bit more flexible.  She has outgrown her sensitivity to corn, which is the staple of the country.  Please pray for a blessed time for all of us!

As far as the rest of us, we have enjoyed being in Boston!  I really wanted to be here through the winter, as I have missed the snow.  Needless to say, the lack of snow is not ideal for me.  But, Margaret and I have been able to skate on Frog Pond, and Phoebe and I were able to cross-country ski in Weston. (Phoebe was pushed through an adaptive recreation program called Waypoint Adventure).

I have completed three classes at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary since arriving in Boston: Church History, Leadership in Urban Ministry, and most recently, Spiritual Formation (January term).  This past class offered me a retreat to seek the presence of God and to rest in His presence.  It was exactly what I needed for this time of furlough.  I am back to the craziness of life, but I am grateful for that special time.  Now I only need one more class for a MA of Arts in Christian Ministries.  (I have completed 15 of the 16 required classes.)  Since I am not currently taking classes, I can rejoin my old Bible study on Thursday mornings!  What a joy!

Isaac is no longer working for Patagonia, although we are grateful for all the discounted gear he got us!  Now he is working remotely as a developer for Summit Technology Group and finishing up a computer programming class.  He enjoyed attending Urbana’s student missions conference after Christmas.  He enjoys helping out with the youth group, when it doesn’t conflict with his gym schedule.

Margaret has applied to a few colleges near and far, so we are patiently waiting for responses.  She is still working at Puttshack in Seaport and is getting excited for her European backpacking trip, which will start sometime late spring or summer.

Phoebe is still happy to get on the bus every morning at 6:45 for Charlestown High School, and is home again by 2:15.  She has been very faithful in bringing home all the viruses circulating through the school.  On a more positive note, her diabetic pump is working well. I change it every three days. No more injections or finger pricks. I am currently researching long-term grants she may be eligible for. I can only do such things while Phoebe is at school, as her care is getting more demanding with time.

Again, thank you for your partnerships.  It has been a joy to reconnect with so many of you, and we look forward to continuing to do so through May or June, when we return to South Africa.  Please reach out to get together with us while we are here.